Working with volunteers

The Happy Africa Foundation was originally established as a way to responsibly manage donations received from volunteers working on African Impact projects. Today, we are an independent organisation that prides itself on its expertise and knowledge of sustainable and responsible development. However, we continue to work closely with African Impact to develop and uplift local communities in the areas where volunteer projects are located. Together, we strive to use our combined strengths and resources to make a bigger, better and more sustainable impact on the lives of people living in the communities where African Impact projects are based.

Partnering with African Impact in this way significantly reduces the foundation’s costs relating to vehicles, office space and staff on the ground at projects as these sectors are supplemented by African Impact facilities and personnel. Furthermore, African Impact assists in paying The Happy Africa Foundation employees’ salaries. This means that a minimum of 82.5% of all donations goes straight to the cause we are fundraising for – something we are very proud of!

Our partnership with African Impact brings with it many benefits:

  • People who have donated to a project have the opportunity to become personally involved by working on that project through African Impact’s volunteering programmes.
  • African Impact’s strong relationships within communities mean that The Happy Africa Foundation is able to work closely and communicate effectively with community leaders. This is essential when assessing the primary needs of a community and planning how best to address those needs.
  • African Impact’s project staff works closely with communities on a daily basis, continuously deepening our understanding of the challenges faced. In turn, The Happy Africa Foundation coaches and supports African Impact’s project staff on the ground, ensuring that volunteer projects impact communities in the best way possible.

Education Assistance

Education & Enrichment Education Assistance Greater Kruger
Education Assistance, South Africa