We are proud to uphold our longstanding partnership with African Impact, the largest on-the-ground facilitator of responsible voluntourism in Africa.

To volunteer in Africa visit www.africanimpact.com

African Impact helped establish The Happy Africa Foundation as a way to responsibly manage donations received from volunteers working on volunteer projects and we continue to work closely with them to develop and uplift local communities in the areas where volunteer projects are located.

Our partnership with African Impact means that you can contribute to The Happy Africa Foundation in one of the most rewarding, enriching and fun ways possible: by volunteering on one of our projects! Volunteering can be a fulfilling, life-changing experience and is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, make friends for life and visit some of the most beautiful places in Africa.

What volunteers have said:

Education Assistance

Education & Enrichment Education Assistance Greater Kruger
Education Assistance, South Africa