The Girl Impact

The Girl Impact is a collaborative project between The Happy Afrrica Foundation and our partner volunteer organization African Impact. Our goal is to support and educate young girls to help them make more informed decisions as they move towards womanhood.

Drawing from the years of development experience that both organizations have in Africa, volunteer projects were set up in three amazing locations: Cape Town, South Africa; Livingstone, Zambia; and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. These three gender equality volunteer projects aid in the development and education of girls between the ages of 11 and 18; a crucial time when a girl’s future potential and opportunities can flourish through education, learning skills and social support, or be stunted and stifled by the irreversible effects of child marriage, early pregnancy, HIV and other preventable hardships.

The project began by carrying out grass-root assessments within each community in order to understand the individual needs and challenges facing girls in that region.To tackle these issues, we decided to focus on six key areas that provide a framework for our initiatives on the ground and refer to these as our ‘6 Pillars’.

Cape Town, South Africa

In post-Apartheid South Africa, girls are in real need of support. Particularly in Cape Town, issues surrounding access to and staying in education, restricted access to healthcare, high abuse rates and a patriarchal system where men hold primary authority all mean that girls are often left behind. Just over half of girls in …

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Victoria Falls, Zambia

Located in the centre of southern Africa, Zambia is home to the mighty Zambezi River, which hosts the magnificent Victoria Falls, just a stone’s throw away from the tourist epicenter of Livingstone. Visitors can experience the falls in a variety of ways – from helicopter rides, kayak or canoe, and even on gentle hikes around

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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

In the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the projects aim to incorporate social and cultural difference for both boys and girls in all volunteer activities. In addition, they have several specific projects that focus primarily on empowering girls through education and skills development initiatives as well as through engaging a

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