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Langoni Old People’s Home

Seeking to address the issues of security and a lack of a communal area and to ensure funding for any emergency medical or funeral costs.

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Education and Empowerment Fund, Zanzibar

Empowering the local community to benefit from their environment in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. Project located in Zanzibar, Tanzania Project focused on Education & Enrichment

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Jambiani Educational Community Centre

This project is aimed at raising the funds needed to purchase a piece of land within Jambiani village and to build a new community learning centre. Once the land is purchased, African Impact volunteers will work alongside local volunteers to clear the land of vegetation and coral rocks, dig the foundations and then help concrete the foundations.

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Nursery Nutrition and Health 3

Nursery, Nutrition and Health, Zanzibar

Help community nursery schools feed hungry children a nutritious breakfast every day.

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