Start a campaign

Whether it’s your creativity, an ability to network or just plain determination, everyone has a secret weapon when it comes to starting a campaign in support of The Happy Africa Foundation – put yours into action!

For more information on fundraising, check out our fundraising pack!

Spread the word

spreadIf you have a soft spot for one of our causes or projects let others know about it & how they can help. Take your campaign online & like, follow, post, share or tweet about The Happy Africa Foundation, or simply tell your friends & family about a project close to your heart. If you’ve volunteered on the project yourself, sharing your own personal stories about your experience on the project is a powerful way to get others excited about the cause.

Your passion can go a long way to getting others involved in supporting our projects.

Do a sponsored event

Want to help raise funds for a project close to your heart, but don’t know where to start?
Are you the sporty type?
• Climb a mountain
• run a half marathon
• organise a ‘cycle-a-thon’ at your local gym

Not so sporty?
• have a cake sale
• arrange a golf day
• pledge to take a vow of silence for a week.

Why don’t you film your exploits, put together a short video and post it online? You could inspire others to start a campaign of their own!

The Happy Africa Foundation is registered with Virgin Money Giving. This is a safe, easy way to become a fundraiser or to support a fundraiser.

To become a fundraiser for The Happy Africa Foundation or to sponsor a fundraiser, go to

Be an ambassador

Use your influence, connections and professional network to approach local businesses, organisations and corporate entities to find sponsors for a project that you believe in. Sponsoring a project or donating to The Happy Africa Foundation can form part of a business’ Corporate Social Responsibility program.

The Happy Africa Foundation will help you with getting the facts, figures and project details you need for any presentations or info packs you’d like to put together for your campaign.

For more information on fundraising, check out our fundraising pack!

Education Assistance

Education & Enrichment Education Assistance Greater Kruger
Education Assistance, South Africa