Health & Nutrition

  • Sub-Saharan Africa currently has the highest undernourishment prevalence in the world, with 23.8% of the total population affected (World Hunger)
  • Despite accommodating only 5% of the world’s total population, Southern and Eastern Africa is home to 50% of all individuals living with HIV and AIDs (Unicef)

Our health and nutrition programmes aim to educate communities about good nutrition and how to improve their general health. A healthy diet is important in helping to fight the symptoms of HIV/AIDS – an epidemic in Africa – and other diseases.

Through a relief, rehabilitation and development program we encourage and assist people who are unwell to regain their health and to get back on their feet after an illness.

Many areas in Africa are in dire need of health facilities. We work in partnership with local health departments in order to improve or build new hospitals and clinics so that adults and children have access to better quality healthcare.

Kikuyu Paediatric Ward

This project is dedicated to building a 20 bed paediatric ward at Kikuyu

Health and Nutrition Program

Providing local children from a disadvantaged community with two nutritious meals per day.

St Lucia Medical and Home Based Care project

Support our Medical and Home Based Care program, bringing medical treatment and pain

Linda Clinic Expansion

Contribute to the expansion of Linda Clinic into a three-ward district hospital able

Nursery, Nutrition and Health, Zanzibar

Help community nursery schools feed hungry children a nutritious breakfast every day.